Hey, I’m Simon

I’m a product management leader with experience building things at extreme scale.

I’ve built successful consumer products, enterprise businesses, and tackled some tricky problems in the integrity / trust and safety space.

I’m also an ex-engineer, out-of-practice drummer, father, & husband.

I’ve worked at Meta in since 2010, based in both London and Menlo Park, California.

Before that, I held a number of product and engineering roles at the BBC and in commercial radio.

I like building things.

Why Subscribe?

I’ve learned a few things in my 15+ years of building products. People have told me that my stories of those experiences have helped them grow. So I’m going to try and find time to write my thoughts down and share them with ya’ll, in the hope that they might help folks improve their product management craft.


Simon Cross
Director of Product @meta. Currently focussed on trust, safety, integrity, & support. Tech/radio/audio/music nerd. Likes building things.